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See the Beauty of Island from Sky
Paramotor flight has the potential to be one of the safest forms of aviation. The ability to fly both low and slow safely‚ the 'open' feel‚ the minimal equipment and maintenance costs‚ and the portability are claimed to be this type of flying's greatest merits The research and technology that is constantly being applied to Paramotoring has made this form of flight extremely accessible and safe for all Aviation enthusiasts.

Powered paragliding‚ also known as paramotoring‚ is a form of ultra-light aviation where the pilot wears a motor on his back (a Paramotor) which provides enough thrust to take off using an adapted paraglider or Paramotor wing. It can be launched in still air‚ and on level ground‚ by the pilot alone ? no assistance is required.Powered paragliders usually fly between 15 and 45 mph (25 and 70 km/h) at altitudes from 'foot-dragging in the grass' up to 18‚000 ft.

The Paramotor is supported by the pilot during takeoff. After a brief run (typically 10 feet or 3 meters) the wing lifts the motor and its harnessed pilot off the ground. After takeoff‚ the pilot gets into the seat and sits suspended beneath the inflated paraglider wing. Control is available using brake toggles for roll and a hand-held throttle for pitch. Lightweight carts or "trikes" (called "quads" if they have four wheels) can also be mounted on powered paragliders for those who prefer not to‚ or are unable to‚ foot launch. Some are permanent units.

Discovery Flights

If you just want to get yourself into the sky‚ then try out this amazing form of personal flight with an unforgettable Discovery Flight. Discover the sensation of flying as the birds. Have an unforgettable experience‚ enjoying the most impressive views and landscapes. It is the easiest and sure way of flying. No previous knowledge or any experience is needed. A simple explanation before the takeoff‚ a few steps and you will be ready to fly. That?s all.

Tandem Paramotoring

A tandem paraglide is a wing that can take two people. You will fly in the safety of a qualified instructor over the beautiful coast line and inland. Your instructor will fit you with your own harness‚ attached to a main body you to the glider and step into the air for a breathtaking experience. The flight lasts between 15minutes and half an hour but it can seem like a lifetime.

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Paramotering Providers
Sky Club (Pvt) Ltd
15‚ Skelton Road‚ Colombo 05‚ Sri Lanka.
(+94) 011 2585935
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