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Arch Bridge - Plimathalawa
Arch Bridge built in British Era.
Arch Bridge - Plimathalawa
Arch Bridge - Plimathalawa
Arch Bridge at Nanuoya‚ Pilimathalawa was constructed in 1826 by Engineer Captain Brown during the period of the governor Sir Edward Bans. Pilimathalawa Arch Bridge was one of the bridges in the old Colombo - Kandy road. Presently also visitors can walk or travel by vehicle on the Arch Bridge.
Directions to Arch Bridge - Plimathalawa
Pilimathalawa Arch Bridge is located at Nanuoya‚ Pilimathalawa by the Colombo - Kandy main road. To reach to the Arch Bridge visitors - when travelling from Colombo side to Kandy - can travel either from the small road after the RDA museum or from the small road just before the railway crossing to your right.

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