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Special Locations
Ceylon Tea Museum
Study about the history of Ceylon Tea production.
Ceylon Tea Museum
Ceylon Tea Museum
The Ceylon Tea Museum consist of five floors. The ground floor displays heavy machinery used for ancient tea production. A working prototype of a tea factory is also available in the ground floor Ceylon Tea Museum. A library and an Auditorium is available in the First floor. Second floor of the Ceylon Tea Museum displays the non heavy machinery used for tea production and tea plantation.

Third floor consists of the Tea ales Outlets to offer selection of fine Ceylon tea to the visitors. Visit the fourth floor of the Ceylon Tea Museum to enjoy a cup of pure Ceylon tea while watching the beautiful surrounding form the Hantane. A telescope is mounted on the fourth floor for visitors to view the scenic beauty. Also see the "Catwalk"‚ find what "Catwalk" really means by visiting the Ceylon Tea Museum fourth floor.

Opening Time
Ceylon Tea Museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 8.30am - 4.30pm; last ticket time is 3.30pm. On Sundays the museum is open from 8.30am - 3.30pm and the last ticket time is 2.30pm.

Ticket Prices
Ticket Prices of the Ceylon Tea Museum as at October 2011 are
Sri Lankan Residents: Adult Rs. 30.00; Student / Child Rs. 20.00
Non Resident: Adult Rs. 500.00; Student Rs. 200.00

Visitors are allowed to take photographs or video the exhibits. Ceylon Tea Museum staff will provide guidance if required but the visitors can follow the arrows to observe all the items in the museum.
Directions to Ceylon Tea Museum
Ceylon Tea Museum is located at Hantane‚ 4.8km from Kandy. Take the Hantane road‚ starting near Bogambara Stadium in Kandy city and running behind the Kandy Hospital‚ and turn to the left after travelling about 4.8km (sign board is available at the turning point) to the Hantane hill and travel about 200m. Sufficient parking is available for Cars or Coaches at the Ceylon Tea Museum car park.

Visitors can use the Kandy - Uduwela bus to reach the Ceylon Tea Museum‚ if they are travelling by public buses.

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