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Special Locations
Dalada Maligawa (Temple of Tooth)
Worship the sacred Tooth of Load Buddha.
Dalada Maligawa (Temple of Tooth)
Dalada Maligawa (Temple of Tooth)
Dalada Maligawa - the Temple of the Tooth‚ where sacred Tooth of Load Buddha is kept‚ is the mostly worshiped place in Kandy. During the reign of King Kitsiri Mevan the Tooth Relic was brought to Ceylon from Kalinga by Princess Hemamali and Prince Danta. The Tooth Relic was considered as the symbol of kingship and became the most sacred object of worship in the Island. It was customary for the kings to build a temple near the place‚ and to become its custodian.

It was King Wimaladharmasuriya I who brought back the Tooth Relic to Kandy. The Tooth Relic temple built by him was renovated by his son Veera Parakrama Narendrasingha and Kirti Sri Rajasinghe respectively. King Sri Wickramarajasingha built the Pattirippuwa or the Octagonal shaped building. A new building was constructed to enclose the ancient temple without changing its architecture. The Tooth Relic is placed in the old shrine.

In August the ancient capital Kandy city becomes the venue for one of the most legendary festivals in Asia. Dominating Kandy is the Dalada Maligawa ? the temple of the Tooth Relic with the Kandy Lake in the foreground. Rituals are enacted daily in the temple to venerate the Relic‚ accompanied by flute playing and drumming. Public honour is paid to it when the Esala Perahera is held in July/August each year.
Directions to Dalada Maligawa (Temple of Tooth)
Located in the city of Kandy‚ in front of the Kandy Lake.

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