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Dambakola Patuna
Place where the sacred Bo Tree landed to Sri Lanka.
Dambakola Patuna
Dambakola Patuna
According to the history‚ the Ship with the sacred Bo Tree (Jaya Sri Maha Bodiya) ? which was brought to Sri Lanka from India ? was landed to Dambakola Patuna Port. King Devanampiyatissa‚ who was the king of Sri Lanka at that time‚ went to Dambakola Patuna to welcome and receive the sacred Bo Tree‚ which was brought by Sangamitta theraniya. Presently Dambakola Patuna is known as "Simbilthurai".
Directions to Dambakola Patuna
Dambakola Patuna is located in the Point Pedro ? Chavachcheri road about 7km from Kiramalai.

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