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Embekke Dewalaya
See the Greatest wooden carvings of Kandian Era.
Embekke Dewalaya
Embekke Dewalaya
Embekke Devale consists of 3 sections‚ 1. Devale 2. Dig?ge 3. Hevisi Mandapa. Ambekke Devale is dedicated to God Kataragama‚ and assigned to King Vickramabahu III (1357-1347 A.D.)‚ who ruled from Gampola.

Embekke Devale is famous for its superb wooden pillars‚ intricately carved at the Hevisi Mandapaya. These pillars leap to life with Dancers‚ Musicians‚ Wrestlers‚ Soldiers legendary beats and Birds. The artist of the wooden carves at Embekke Devale was Devendra Mulavari.
Directions to Embekke Dewalaya
Embekke Devale is located 13 km from Kandy city and lies close to Daulagala. From Peradeniya Ambekke Devale is located between the 3rd and 4th mile posts on Alakolanga and Pilimatalawe road. Proceeding about a mile along Welamboda road‚ and after passing a paddy field‚ Embakke Devale could be reached. This is about a mile from Lankatilaka Vihara.

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