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Gadaladeniya RMV
Ancient Viharaya built of Stone‚ with stone carved figures.
Gadaladeniya RMV
Gadaladeniya RMV
Gadaladeniya Viharaya is built of stone is scenically sited and located on the road as the Lankathilaka Viharaya. In front of the Gadaladeniya Viharaya there is a pandol with stone pillars. On the lower section of the Pandol‚ are carved figures of dancers and singers vertically projected. In the upper section are carved figures of lions. The moonstone‚ figures of elephants‚ and the face of elephant with the body of a lion (Gaja Sinha) are carved on the stone. Dig-geya is a hall‚ 100 ft in length adjoining the shrine. Round the stupa are 4 altars and 8 figures of elephants. It was then known as "Saddharama Thilaka Vihara ". The lacquered doors‚ wall murals and carved stone friezes are worth seeing.
Directions to Gadaladeniya RMV
To reach Gadaladeniya Viharaya‚ turn right after Plimathalawa in Colombo-Kandy road‚ near the 65th mile post‚ and proceed about a mile.

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