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Ancient Temples
Girihandu Seya - Thiriyaya
First Dagaba built in Sri Lanka.
Girihandu Seya - Thiriyaya
Girihadu seya‚ located closed to Trincomalee - Pulmudai road in Thiriyaya‚ is considered as the first Dagaba in Sri Lanka. Girihadu Seya was built by "Thapassue Balluka" Merchants‚ who offered first alms giving to Lord Buddha after the "Sath Sathiya" (7 weeks). Relic Hair of Lord Buddha‚ which was received by "Thapassue Balluka" on their request for something to worship‚ is enshrined in the Girihadu Seya.

This Dagaba was built while the Load Buddha is alive. Girihadu seya is located on top of a mountain‚ where the "Thapassue Balluka" merchants have kept the relic hair of Buddha on temporary basis on their visit to Sri Lanka.
Directions to Girihandu Seya - Thiriyaya
45 km from Trincomalee‚ in Trincomalee - Pulmudai Road

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