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Halloluwa Foot Bridge (Hanging)
Walk across the Mahaweli River on a Hanging bridge.
Halloluwa Foot Bridge (Hanging)
Halloluwa Foot Bridge (Hanging)
Halloluwa Foot Bridge (Hanging Bridge) is an ancient Hanging Foot Bridge that is still used by the people for their daily routines. Halloluwa Foot Bridge was opened on 6th May 1939. One side of Halloluwa Foot Bridge is connected to Kandy - Dodamwala bus route‚ while the other side is connected to a road that links to Peradeniya - Yatihelagala bus route.

When walking on the Foot Bridge you have to walk on the center line‚ otherwise the bridge will oscillate a little bit.
Directions to Halloluwa Foot Bridge (Hanging)
To reach the Halloluwa Foot Bridge from Dodamwala bus route take the Dodamwala bus and get down near the bridge. If travel by a vehicle‚ turn left at the first turn after Gatambe Junction on the Peradeniya - Kandy old road. Travel 2.2km from there and turn left again at the "T" junction and travel about 0.5km.

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