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Handapanagala Wewa
Watch Sri Lankan Elephants every evening
Handapanagala Wewa
Handapanagala Wewa
Handapanagala tank is located 16km away from Wallawaya town. There is a rock plain on the either side of the bunt. The tank is full of water throughout the year and fed by the water of Kirindi Oya. There are facilities to cross it by canoes. The inland fishery industry is also practiced arround here. Handapanagala tank is popular among locals as well as foreigners as an elephant watching place beacause elephants gather to the tank every evening. Therefore evening is the best tome to visit Handapanagala tank.
Directions to Handapanagala Wewa
Travel 12 km from Wellawaya town to Handapanagala junction on Wellawaya - Thanamalvila road and then 4 km along Handapanagala road.

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