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Special Locations
Kandy War Cemetery
Where people died in Second World War are buried.
Kandy War Cemetery
Kandy War Cemetery
In the Second World War‚ it was feared that the Japanese would invade Ceylon to get the advantage of the naval bases at Colombo and Tincomalee. But Japanese have not planned to invade Ceylon since they had no sufficient troops available. But they have launched attacks on Colombo and Tincomalee naval bases to reduce the capacity available on those bases. More than 2000‚ including the people killed in the attacks of April 1942‚ were buried in Sri Lanka.

In the Kandy War Cemetery there are 203 burials. Those include 16 Navy‚ 151 Army‚ 32 Air Force‚ 1 Merchant Nave‚ 1 National Fire Service and 2 entirely unidentified. Identified 201 burials in the Kandy War Cemetery are 107 British‚ 6 Canadian‚ 23 Indian‚ 26 Ceylonese (Sri Lankans)‚ 23 East African‚ 1 French and 1 Italian. Kandy War Cemetery has those burials in separated sections.

Kandy War Cemetery is open for visitors from 7.30am to 4.30pm daily.
Directions to Kandy War Cemetery
To reach the Kandy War Cemetery by bus‚ take the Kandy - Dodamwala bus and get down near the War Cemetery. If you travel by a vehicle‚ turn left at the first turn after Gatambe Junction on the Peradeniya - Kandy old road. Travel about 1.5km from there‚ Kandy War Cemetery is located on your right at a sharp bend on the road.

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