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Lankathilaka Viharaya
Still protected Frescoes and Carvings of ancient era.
Lankathilaka Viharaya
Lankathilaka Viharaya
Lankatilaka Viharaya is made of bricks and stucco. At the main entrance is the Makara Thorana or Dragon archway. On the 2 sides of the stair way are 2 figures of Gaja Singha (face of an elephant and body of a lion). Around the building are 14 figures of elephants and 5 small Makara Thoranas. On either side of the inner door are 4 guard stones. Lankatilaka has great carved doors of wood‚ and frescoes still bright with their original paint on walls and ceilings.
Directions to Lankathilaka Viharaya
To reach Lankatilaka Viharaya‚ turn right after Plimathalawa in Colombo-Kandy road‚ near the 65th mile post‚ and proceed about 3 miles.

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