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Ancient Temples
Maligawila Buddha Statue
Standing Buddha Statue
Maligawila Buddha Statue
Maligawila Buddha Statue
Maligawila Buddha Statue is located 16km away from Buttala. The sacred area of historical which belongs to the 7th century A.D is noted for its archeological value. The statue of Lord Buddha‚ 34ft in height and 10ft in width‚ is carved out from limestone mixed quartz and it occupies a very special place among the statue of Buddha (standing posture). Besides the Bodisatwa statue located close by is really a thing to be viewed. The environment value of the site increases by the surrounding thick forest.

Visitors have to park their vehicles and walk about 1/2km to see this statue. There are two ways from the Car park; one is through the small shops and then walk along the steps available. Other one by walking about 75m along the main road towards Okkampitiya and then walk in the gravel road on your right.

Since you have to walk through the jungle with few lights available in the night it would be better if you visit this location before its dark. Better if you can start from the car park before 4.30pm. If you are plan to visit after 4.30pm it's advisable to keep a toach with you.

During our visit to this location we have noticed that mobile coverage is not available for both Dialog and Mobitel phones in the jungle area. (we have visited this location on 31st August).
Directions to Maligawila Buddha Statue
From Buttala trun to Kataragama Road and after about 50m turn to Okkampitiya Road. Travel to Okkampitiya‚ which is 8.7km from Buttala. Turn right and required to travel 7.5km. At the junctions there are sign boards leading to Maligawila.

Travellers Can visit from Monaragala to Okkampitiya and follow the same road from there.

Distances to the closest city to this location from other cities in country are available under Distance Finder in Information to Plan

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