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Manik Vehera
Monastery that is considered to be dated back to the 8 - 9 centuries A.D.
Manik Vehera
Manik Vehera
Popularly known as Manik Vehera‚ the history of this monastery is not known. But according to the architectural features‚ it could date back to the 8 - 9 centuries A.D. This monastery has a terraced and consists of a stupa‚ a Bodhi-tree shrine‚ image houses‚ refectory‚ monks? dispensary and cells. But on a high terrace surrounded by a high wall‚ the stupa here is of a rare type. The relief terracotta tablets squatting lions decorating the plinth and the carved stone door frame of the projected entrance are the special features of this stupa.

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