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Religious Places
Naga Viharaya
The only Buddhist temple in the Jaffna town.
Naga Viharaya
Naga Viharaya
Naga Viharaya is the only Buddhist temple located within the Jaffna town. When the sacred Bo ? Tree was brought to Sri Lanka from India‚ it was first brought from "Dambakola Patuna" ? the port ship was landed in Sri Lanka ? to Naga Viharaya. The sacred Bo-Tree was kept at Naga Viharaya for a week‚ to be worshiped by "Naga" people and then it was brought to Anuradhapura.

Naga Viharaya has a pilgrim rest‚ where the pilgrims can stay at a reasonable cost‚ which will depend on the facilities they selected.
Directions to Naga Viharaya
Naga Viharaya is located 1.5km from the Jaffna town‚ in the Stanly Road ? near Jaffna railway station.

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