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Ancient Temples
Place where Lord Buddha has visited in Jaffna.
In the second visit of Lord Buddha to Sri Lanka‚ Lord Buddha has visited Nagadeepa to settle a war ? which is about to begin within two kings named "Chulodara" and "Mahodara" ? for the ownership of a chair with Gems. Due to this visit of Lord Buddha‚ Buddhists worship Nagadeepa as one of their most respected places.

Nagadeepa viharaya is located in the Nagadeepa Island which is located west to the Jaffna peninsula. Nagadeepa is known as "Nainathiuv" in Tamil.
Directions to Nagadeepa
Nagadeepa Viharaya is located closed to the Entry Jetty to the Nagadeepa Island. To visit Nagadeepa island take a 15minute boat ride from "Kurikadduvan" Jetty‚ which is 30km from Jaffna town via Punkadthiv.

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