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Ancient Cities
Nishshankalatha Mandapaya
Pavilion of King Nissankamalla‚ from which he listened to the chanting of ?protective? religious texts (pirit).
Nishshankalatha Mandapaya
Nishshankalatha Mandapaya
According to an inscription insitu this pillared structure could be identified as the Nissankalata Mandapa. The unusual pillar type stimulates a lotus stalk with flower as the capital. Another inscription confirms that it is here that King Nissankamalla (1187-1196 A.D.) listened to Pirith recital or Buddhist scriptures. In the center is a small store-cut stupa‚ having truncated top perhaps to receive the rslic casket during pirith chanting. This was probably covered with a roof. Pillars of similar design are also found in building near Satmahal Prasada.

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