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Parakramabahu King Palace (Royal Palace)
Seven storied palace of the King Prakramabahu the Great
Parakramabahu King Palace (Royal Palace)
Parakramabahu King Palace (Royal Palace)
This is the seven storied Palace named Vijayotpaya or Vijayanta Prasada built by King Parakramabahu the Great (1153-1186 A.D.) in Polonnaruwa. The name is that of the Palace of God Sakra and its adoption here indicates that there may have been a need at the time to secure the concept that the King and god were equal. The basic ground plan of the palace is similar to that of the 12th century ?Vijayabahu? palace at Anuradhapura and the palaces at Paduvasnuvra and Yapahuwa. Remains of three stories of the supposed seven stories can still be identified. Crevices and sockets on the thick brick walls were to take in large wooden beams. There is evidence that this palace may have been destroyed by fire‚ Mahavansa mentions that this had thousand chambers. Around the palace‚ ruins of many buildings are seen which may have been used as places for rituals and entertainment‚ and as rooms for palace aides and storage.

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