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Scenic Beauty
Peradeniya Botanical Garden
See wide variety of Flora and Fauna at Royal Botanic garden.
Peradeniya Botanical Garden
Peradeniya Botanical Garden
Peradeniya Botanic Garden‚ which is also known as the Royal Botanical Garden‚ is spread in an area of 147 acres. Varied collections of tropical woody plants‚ orchids‚ gymnosperms‚ flowering trees‚ spices‚ medicinal plants and palms trees are available in the Royal Botanical Garden. A large variety of decorative plants and other creepers are found in Peradeniya Botanical Garden. Huge tropical trees are found through the length and breadth of the lawns. The magnificence of the garden is heightened by the Mahaweli River which flows along its outer edge of the Peradeniya Botanic Garden.

The Peradeniya Botanic Garden is also an excellent place for birds watching. There is a hanging bridge‚ which is known as "Sangili Palama"‚ available for visitors to enjoy.
Directions to Peradeniya Botanical Garden
Peradeniya Botanic Garden is located on the left side of the Colombo - Kandy main road after Peradeniya Junction. The distance from Kandy city is about 4km.

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