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Special Locations
Point Pedro
Watch both Sun rise and Sun set from one location.
Point Pedro
Point Pedro
Point Pedro is one end of the longest points of Sri Lanka‚ which is located 432km from Point Dondra. There is a concrete Flag at Point Pedro to indicate one end of Sri Lanka. Point Pedro is one of the locations in Sri Lanka where the Sun rise and Sun set can be watched from one location.

Point Pedro light house and beach are few other attractions of this unique location. One functioning "Aadi" well‚ which were very common in Jaffna peninsula in the history is available closed by Point Pedro town near "Theru Mudi Madama".
Directions to Point Pedro
To reach Point Pedro‚ visitors need to travel from Jaffna towards Elephant pass and turn left at Kodikaman.

Distances to the closest city to this location from other cities in country are available under Distance Finder in Information to Plan

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