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Pothgul Vehera Statue
Statue that is believed to be that of King Parakramabahu the Great
Pothgul Vehera Statue
Pothgul Vehera Statue
This beautifully carved statue stands 11? feet in height and carved in to a semi-circular rock‚ which is at Potgul Vihara is regarded as a superb example of Asian art. Traditionally‚ it ` (1153 ? 1186 A.D.). But some scholars believe that it represents a sage and that it could be Pulasti‚ Agastya or Kapila. A special feature is the object in the hands of the statue‚ which many believe to be a palm leaf manuscript and that it represents the erudition of the holder. Another view has also been expressed that it is a yoke representing sovereignty.
Directions to Pothgul Vehera Statue
1 ? kilometres along the Parakrama Samudraya dam.

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