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Special Locations
RDA Museum - Pilimathalawa
Ancient Road construction machinery and Road signs are on display.
RDA Museum - Pilimathalawa
RDA Museum - Pilimathalawa
Road Museum (RDA museum - Pilimathalawa) has a collection of ancient machinery used for road construction. Some old sign boards and old mile posts are also among the display items available at Road Museum. RDA museum has some old tools used for the road construction work in the ancient time. Another attraction in the RDA (Road) museum is the prototype of the Bogoda Wooden Bridge.

Road (RDA) museum is open for visitors on weekdays from 9.00am to 4.00pm. During the closed time also travelers can see part of the museum‚ since it is located adjoin to the main road.
Directions to RDA Museum - Pilimathalawa
Road Museum is located at Nanuoya‚ Pilimathalawa side by the Colombo - Kandy main road.

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