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Ancient Temples
Ridee Viharaya
Our Heritage inscribed in Gold
Ridee Viharaya
Ridee Viharaya
Ridee Viharaya (Ridi Vihara)‚ which is believed to be built by King Dutugemunu in the 2nd centaury BC‚ is an ancient temple with a great history. Ridee Viharaya was build as a memorial to the place where silver (ridi) ore mine which was used to build Ruwanweli Seya.

One of the important places to see inside the Ridee Viharaya are the Gold plated Buddha Statue protected inside the Maha Viharaya covered with Glass. Another is the Ivory carvings in the protected door frame by the way from Maha Viharaya to Uda Viharaya. In the middle of this ivory carving is a design called ?Pancha Naari Gataya?‚ which shows 5 females interwoven together. There are two lion carvings in the both sides of that carving. Next one is the top most building in the Ridee Viharaya named Uda Viharaya‚ which is believed to be built by King Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe‚ that has three chambers and a connection corridor. There is a small museum which has the pictorial historical legend of the Ridi Viharaya.

Waraka Welandu Viharaya‚ which is located on the way to Maha Viharaya is considered as a Polonnaruwa era building. This is the place considered as the place where the Arhat monks accepted jackfruit from the merchants according to the legends. This small Gedige-type building of the size of a room‚ is built in stone and contains a number of Kandyan era paintings. Its stone roof rests on eight stone pillars‚ which are decorated on all four sides.

The rock to the right of the entrance to Ridee Viharaya is named as Serasum Gala‚ which is believed to be the place where the initial temple was built. There is a small stupa on the top of the rock. Serasum Gala is considered as the place where king Dutthagamani dressed prior to worshipping the Ridee Viharaya.
Directions to Ridee Viharaya
The Ridi Vihara is about 20 km from the Kurunegala Town. Travel on the Kandy Road from Kurunegala up to Mallawapitiya junction. This is about 5km form the Kurunegala town. Turn off to Keppitigala Road and Travel another 15 km along this road. You will come across the junction where route to the Viharaya is clearly marked. Travel about 1 1/2 km along this road to reach the Temple.

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