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Sathmahal Prasadaya
Rare kind of Square shaped stupa with seven storied structure.
Sathmahal Prasadaya
Sathmahal Prasadaya
Although known as Satmahal Prasada its ancient name or other facts of this edifice are not known. Despite the fact that there is reference in the Mahavansa that King Parakumbahu the Great (1153-1186 A.D.) built a Satmahal Prasada in Polonnaruwa there is no positive evidence that it is this building. Built in the stepped pyramidal form‚ this seven-storied structure may be a stupa of a rare kind. It bears a close similarity to the stupa at Wat Kukut in Lamphun‚ Thailand. The architectural features common in south - east. Asian countries are also visible in this building.

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