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Religious Places
One of the 16 places Lord Buddha has visited. Worship the "Lalata Dhatuwa" of Buddha.
Seruwila‚ which is one of the "Solosmasthana" (16 places where Lord Buddha Visited)‚ has always been a place of veneration for Buddhists. Seruwila Viharaya was built by King Kavantissa of Ruhuna to enshrine the Forehead Relics of the Buddha (Lalata Dhatuwa).

It is believed that Buddha visited Seruwila on the third visit to Sri Lanka‚ which was to Kelaniya. Seruwila is dates back to the 2nd Century BC and is therefore around 2231 years old.

Directions to Seruwila
To reach Seruwila Viharaya‚ drive from Kantale along the Habarana -Trincomalee main road‚ about 48km.

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