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Religious Places
Thrikoneshvaram Kovil
One of the oldest Hindu Shrine‚ in Sri Lanka‚ dedicated to Lord Shiva.
Thrikoneshvaram Kovil
The Thirukoneswaram Kovil‚ which stands on the top most pinnacle of the Swamy Rock ? inside the Frederik Fort - ‚ is a high venerated Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. Thirukoneswaram Kovil is one of the oldest religious places in Sri Lanka‚ mostly respected by Hindus.

Thirukoneswaram Kovil was build in the place where the "Dhakshina Kailaym" kovil‚ which was destroyed by Portuguese‚ was situated.
Directions to Thrikoneshvaram Kovil
Thirukoneshwaram Kovil is located inside the Frederic Fort‚ which is located by Trincomalee town.

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