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Religious Places
Oldest Kovil in Jaffna.
Vallipuram is famous for the kovil build for God "Vishnu"‚ which is considered as the oldest kovil in Jaffna. Festival of Wallipuram kovil is held during the months of August & September. Visitors can see "Manalkadu" sand mountains‚ which are similar to the ones in a desert‚ in the area towards the beach behind the Vallipuram kovil.

As per the Wallipuram Gold Leaf‚ which has been found during an excavation‚ in 2 B.C. one minister of King Wasaba named "Isagiri" has built a temple named "Piyagaika Viharaya". This has been verified with the ruins of Buddhist temple and Buddha statue which has been found during the excavations.
Directions to Vallipuram
Vallipuram (Wallipuram) kovil is located 6km to the East of Point Pedro town.

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